For customers that want to appoint GDPR 27 as their EU representative

How to become a customer?

If your organisation is not stated within the EU, and delivers services to EU citizens, by which you process personal data, the obligation to appoint a representative within the EU might apply to you. If you need help to decide if the obligation applies to you please consult the ‘Article 27 obligation’-page on this website.

We offer a simple and pragmatic procedure in 5 steps for appointing us as your EU representative if the obligation applies to you.



Fill in our application form

We receive your information. If the information is complete and accurate we can accept the appointment as your EU representative. We prepare a ‘GDPR 27 Representation Agreement’ and offer it to you via Docusign. We prepare an invoice for the annual fee for the first year of our services and offer it to you via your contact email address.



Sign the Representation Agreement via Docusign

You will receive a notification via Docusign on your contact email address that the agreement is ready to be signed. Than you sign it digitally via Docusign.



Pay the invoice sent to you

We will receive a notification from Docusign when you signed the Agreement. We will receive a notification from our bank when you paid the invoice. Than we will co-sign the agreement via Docusign.



Receive the co-signed Representation Agreement

When you have received the co-signed agreement via Docusign your written appointment of GDPR 27 as your EU representative has been established.



Communicate via your Privacy statement

Now all you have to do is communicate via your privacy statement to your data subjects that you appointed GDPR 27 as your EU representative and communicate our contact details in case your data subjects have a question or complaint regarding to your processing: .

The webform on this page contains a customer base in which the data subject can select your organisation to ask a question or file a complaint specifically referring to your organisation.



Our services within the annual fee:

When the appointment of GDPR 27 as your EU representative is established we will:

  • open a customer file for your organisation in our administration
  • make and maintain a mandatory ‘Record of processing activities’ (GDPR art. 30)
  • add your organisation to the customer base on our website
  • continuous monitor incoming questions or complaints regarding to your processing


Our services NOT within the annual fee, actual number of hours spent will be invoiced:

  • respond to data subjects or supervisory authorities on your behalf in case of questions or complaints based on the information provided
  • we will ask your contact person for additional or more specific information when necessary to deliver our services, e.g. in case of a data breach


Our terms and conditions:

Before you start the Application form below please read our standard GDPR 27 Representation Agreement to see all the terms and conditions (including annual fee and hourly rates) you have to agree to when choosing for GDPR 27 as your EU representative.

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